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Meet The Fleet

bonafide  yak.PNG

We use the Bonafide SS107 for most of our trips. It has the same cockpit as the larger SS127 and is extremely maneuverable on moving water making it ideal for the novice and experienced paddler. It has a very comfortable seat and good storage. We believe it is one of the most fishable yaks on the market for the type of water we are normally on.

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native tandem.PNG
native tandem 2.PNG

If you need a tandem, we have the Native Watercraft Stingray. My favorite thing about this yak is you can reverse the front seat so you can have facetime with your partner. Also if you need a bigger yak, this one converts to a single.

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slayer xc.PNG

Then we have the native Slayer XC. This is hands down my favorite yak. It may be a little too big and slow for some, but it is a great on river and besides, I'm not in a hurry. Neither should you be.

Very cool video on the website featuring this yak on the James.

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We also carry a variety of other kayaks and canoes to get you a custom fit. We will also provide PFD's, paddle and fishing gear, but you can bring your own if you want.  Most of our kayaks come with GoPro mounts so if you want to bring yours to capture the experience, we have you covered. You will need the waterproof box with screw in adapter. We DO NOT provide the GoPro.

gopro case.PNG

You need to bring a waterproof case and this piece in order to mount your camera. We have the rest. Don't forget extra batteries and a charging cord.

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